The Sonic Arcade




First United Methodist of New Braunfels

572 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels Texas

Are you a Pinball Wizard? Maybe Pac-Man is more your speed? Perhaps you're more old school and remember the days of the Circus and the Penny Arcade? might have kids who would rather play some Final Fantasy than do their homework?

After hearing this concert, you might just join them! First came the circus, then arcade games. It wasn't long after the world saw it's first computer that we found a way to play with it. Remember PONG!? Then came the ATARI, and NINTENDO and X-BOX and now even our cell phones are walking entertainment centers!

And accompanying them all...MUSIC. If you leave this concert without the SUPER MARIO BROTHERS theme stuck in your head, we will seriously be impressed!

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Admission is by free will donation to the San Antonio Brass.

Recommended donations:

$20 Adults

$10 Seniors & Students

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